Model Photo Shoot

Model Photo Shoot




• Approximately 4-6 hours of studio / outdoor time.
• 4-5 different looks. A look is the combination of clothing, setting, style and lighting technique. Within each look, we shoot different variations. We may shoot a combination of close-ups, ¾’s or full length. We also like to work with layers. We may add or subtract a hat, jacket, glasses, scarf, jewelry etc.
• Fashion Styling for all 4-5 different looks will be completed by pulling garments from clients wardrobe.
• Model coaching
• Photo editing. After the session, we will edit the images for you and then we will go over the session with you. It is of utmost importance that you select the right images.
• Eight / Ten – 9” x 12”portfolio prints. Retouching included and a portfolio book.
• Learning how to properly and effectively walk on the run way in heels, perfecting poses that best works your features, receive constructive criticism on how to better the model you.
• Additional portfolio prints are available for $25. Retouching included.
• All images and digital comp card will be provided on a USB drive for future use.
• If the shoot is scheduled for on-site and requires city or state permits to shoot, the client is to pay this additional cost as this is not a financial responsibility of CatWalk Pros LLC or the photographer.
• If for any reason the shoot isn’t completed on the scheduled date, the client will incur an hourly rate of $50.00 for the time spent by CatWalk Pros LLC and/or the photographer.

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