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Catwalk Pros is a vibrant innovative fashion production enterprise that specializes in fashion show planning, design and production services.

CatWalk Pros (CWP) is a dynamic and innovative fashion production enterprise that excels in fashion show planning, design, and production services. With our specialized expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your unique event needs. Whether you are organizing a designer’s debut of annual collections, a significant retail or private boutique event, a corporate or organizational awards ceremony, conventions, fundraisers, or promotions, we possess the knowledge, experience, and creative flair to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to elevate your show and launch your line with unparalleled expertise and creativity. At CWP, we understand the intricacies involved in planning a successful fashion event. From conceptualizing and designing the runway layout to coordinating models, music, lighting, and all production elements, we ensure a seamless and captivating experience for your audience. Our team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail guarantees a truly exceptional event that leaves a lasting impression.

By partnering with CatWalk Pros, you gain access to our vast network of industry professionals, established relationships with key stakeholders, and our passion for pushing boundaries in fashion event production. We are dedicated to taking your show to a whole new level, delivering results that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact on both attendees and participants. Experience the expertise and creativity of CatWalk Pros as we transform your event into an unforgettable showcase of fashion, style, and innovation.

Executive Managers

Sandra Ward
Sandra Ward
President - CEO
Born in Panama Central America, Sandra Ward became an ultraist of fashion and design. Growing in her love for fashion, in her adolescent years, she began participating in local pageants, talent and fashion shows, encouraged that she could aspire to be anything and everything that she desired to be. In
Vernet Pegues
Vernet Pegues
Vice President
Vernet’s career as an international fashion model and flight attendant took her from her hometown of Miami Gardens, Florida across the globe. She has lived in and walked runways of most fashion capitals of the world; New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Frankfort, Geneva, Milan and Rome.
Juanita Walker
Juanita Walker
While serving as a police officer with the city of Miami Owner Juanita Walker founded Sheyes of Miami learning centers to serves and the educate the community she dedicated her life to protecting. Sheyes of Miami learning Centers has been open for over 20 years. Sheyes has been growing and

Miami Fashion Launch™

We have created an annual “Miami Fashion Launch™ “that will expand to major cities in the USA and other countries.

This show focuses on discovering new talent in the fashion industry by presenting a showcase of new fashion designers, models, artist, singers, dancers, musicians, photographers, makeup artist, hair stylist and performers, who will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Fashion Boot Camp

We offer 2-day Fashion Boot Camp for tweens, teens and young adults. This intensive modeling workshop focuses on building self-confidence and self-esteem through modeling.
This unique camp provides a wonderful experience for all. Participants are couched by the CatWalk Pros on how to work and be fierce on the runway; they learn editorial training, etiquette, skin care and makeup techniques, the importance of nutrition and exercise as a life style and how to work professionally in the modeling industry.

Quality is the Goal!

Our goal is to utilize fashion as a vehicle to provide young men and women with the necessary tools to help build their confidence and self-esteem regardless of the career path they choose.

Working Relationships

CatWalk Pros has close working relationships with some of the most prestigious modeling agencies and photographers. We work with top industry professionals and list clients nationally and internationally.

Many of CatWalk Pros’ CatWalkers have gone on to become professional actors/models seen in catalogues, commercial advertisement and many are walking in industry fashion shows all over the world!

Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy – Catwalker 2007

Bria Murphy

Lauren – Catwalker 2010

Bria Murphy

Gyvania – Catwalker 2009

Bria Murphy

Kennedy – Catwalker 2008

Fashion Launches

Bootcamp Events

Years in Business

Models trained

I truly enjoyed being a part of the Rip Our Runway Boot Camp. It has been a very informative and yet fun experience for me. I Loved all the guest speakers because I was able to learn the do’s and don’ts in the modeling business world. I feel that knowing how to present myself like a professional model has given me the confidence to go forth and promote myself to make my dream a reality. I especially would like to thank CatWalkPros and their amazing team for giving me the opportunity to experience what it’s like and what to expect…

Mona - June 10, 2016

Your scholarship has helped me to pursue my career and my dream as becoming a Victoria Secret model. This scholarship will also help me to better my life for my family and me. I would really love to help bring inspiration to other young girls who have the same dreams as me. Thank you for your scholarship.

Lala - June 10, 2016