Young Modeling and Etiquette Workshop

Catwalk Pros Modeling and Etiquette Workshop
Ages 5 to 15

Will be held on:

Sunday May 26th from 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Give your child a well-rounded learning experience in personal development, creativity, and communication skills by joining our program.

What’s Included:

*Signature Catwalk: Participants will learn the fundamentals of walking the runway with confidence and grace. From mastering posture to perfecting the runway strut, our instructors provide personalized guidance to help each participant shine on stage.

*Model Poses: From classic poses to dynamic expressions, participants will learn how to strike captivating poses that showcase their personality and style. Our instructors teach various posing techniques suitable for different modeling scenarios, whether it’s for a photo shoot or a fashion show.

*Etiquette & Manners: In addition to modeling skills, we emphasize the importance of etiquette and manners in the fashion industry and beyond. Participants will learn proper etiquette for social interactions, dining, and professional settings, empowering them to navigate various situations with confidence and respect

We aim to use fashion as a platform to empower individuals of all ages by equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to excel in any career path they choose. Our programs are designed to build self-esteem and inspire personal growth, ensuring that every participant feels empowered to pursue their dreams.

Get ready to shine at our Modeling & Etiquette Workshop! Here’s what to bring:

1. Attire: Kids, wear black jeans and a black tee or tank top. Boys, you can also wear a black tee shirt with blue jeans and dress shoes.
2. Footwear: Girls, bring heels for confidence. They don’t have to be too high, just comfortable to strut in. Boys, make sure your dress shoes are comfy for walking.
3. Note-taking: Don’t forget your notebook and pen.


Sunday May 26th
from 2:00PM – 3:30PM


6095 NW 72 AVE, MIAMI, FL. 33166


Males and females: ages 5 to 15
Limited class size

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