Modeling and Etiquette Workshop

Catwalk Pros Modeling and Etiquette Workshop
Ages 16 to Adult

Will be held on:

Sunday May 19th from 2:00PM – 4:00PM

CatWalk Pros Modeling & Etiquette Workshops (Ages 16 to adults)

Embark on a transformative journey with our modeling and etiquette workshops tailored for participants ages 16 to adults. Whether you’re an aspiring model looking to break into the industry or an individual seeking to enhance your personal image and confidence, our comprehensive program offers a range of valuable skills and experiences.

What’s Included:

* Signature Catwalk: Perfect your runway walk and exude confidence with every step. Our instructors provide personalized coaching to help participants develop a signature style that commands attention on the runway.

* Dynamic Posing: From striking poses to conveying emotions, participants will learn how to captivate audiences with their versatility and expressiveness. Our instructors guide participants through a variety of poses suitable for different modeling contexts, from editorial shoots to fashion shows.

*Personal Image: Discover the power of personal branding and create a distinctive image that reflects your unique personality and style. Participants will learn styling tips, wardrobe selection techniques, and grooming strategies to enhance their overall appearance and leave a lasting impression.

*Skincare, Hair, and Makeup: Unlock the secrets to radiant skin, flawless hair, and impeccable makeup. Our beauty experts share industry insights and techniques to help participants achieve their desired look, whether it’s for the runway, photo shoots, or everyday life.

Our workshops foster a supportive and empowering environment where participants can explore their potential, build confidence, and develop essential skills for success in the modeling industry and beyond.

Our goal is to utilize fashion as a vehicle to provide young men and women with the necessary tools to help build their confidence and self-esteem regardless of the career path they choose.

For our Modeling and Etiquette Workshop  for ages 16 to adults, here’s what to bring:

1. Attire: Wear black jeans and a black tee or tank top.
2. Footwear: Bring high heels.
3. Note-taking: Notebook and pen.
4. Positive Mindset: Come with an open mind.


Sunday May 19th
from 2:00PM – 4:00PM


6095 NW 72 AVE, MIAMI, FL. 33166


Males and females: ages 16 to adults
Limited class size

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